Saundra Pelletier

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Pelletier is the CEO of WomanCare Global, a global nonprofit organization that improves the lives of women by providing access to quality, affordable women’s healthcare products through a sustainable supply chain.  Ms. Pelletier is also CEO of Evofem Inc., a privately held biotechnology company that develops advanced prescription and consumer products in the areas of contraception, feminine care, and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Ms. Pelletier has over 20 years of experience as an international marketing expert in addition to being a mother, published author and executive coach.  She traveled the country as a keynote speaker for women’s organizations and corporations as part of her 2008 national book tour, “Saddle Up Your Own White Horse” and she has raised awareness for international equality.

Ms. Pelletier has dedicated her life and career to empowering women and has been a major force in bringing attention to the need for women globally to access reproductive health supplies and to achieve this goal, Ms. Pelletier has worked tirelessly to grow WomanCare Global’s reach to over 100 countries with a focus on underserved markets in Africa and Asia. Because of her work, more women will be able to decide if and when to have children, allowing them to take better care of themselves, their families and their communities.

As WomanCare Global’s founding CEO, Ms. Pelletier developed the initial business plan transforming the company’s bottom line from a loss to profitability in three years. In just 15 months, she executed contracts for 7 global product acquisitions and secured start-up funding from major foundations and investors. She leads a team with extensive private sector, global public health and pharmaceutical experience to reach women in need rapidly.

Previously, in her capacity as a corporate vice president and global franchise leader at Fortune 500 companies, Ms. Pelletier managed a $250 million business unit, reorganized companies from the ground up, raised $40 million in capital, managed worldwide partnerships, and negotiated cost saving licensing agreements.  She has had oversight and accountability for Sales, Marketing, Operations, Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships.

She has launched pharmaceutical brands worldwide and expanded indications on female healthcare brands in multiple countries. Her experience includes working with comprehensive range of women’s healthcare products, cardiovascular, pain management, sleep therapies and medical devices.   While serving as International Franchise Leader for Searle Pharmaceutical, she assessed country infrastructure, developed commercialization plans and hired full scale teams, including contract sales forces, to support women’s healthcare initiatives.

Ms. Pelletier serves on the Board of Directors for WomanCare Global, the Willows Foundation, Women Deliver and Husson University.