Saundra Pelletier

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Pelletier is the CEO of WomanCare Global, a global nonprofit organization she founded in 2009 that provides access to quality, affordable women’s healthcare products through a sustainable supply chain in both developed and developing markets.  Ms. Pelletier is also CEO of Evofem, Inc., a privately held biotechnology company that develops innovative prescription and consumer products in the areas of contraception, feminine care, and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. A strategic public/private partnership alliance between WCG and Evofem was formed in early 2013 which has resulted in access to innovative technologies for both organizations and distribution in over 100 countries.

Ms. Pelletier is renowned for being an outspoken leader on the importance of empowering women with access to quality, affordable, sustainable contraception. She has participated with industry and world leaders to create consensus statements and actionable plans to assist the 225 million women who still have an unmet need for contraception. She believes a significant lever towards poverty elimination is creating an environment where women can choose when- and if- and how often they have children.

Ms. Pelletier brings extensive private sector experience in leadership, sales, domestic and international marketing, business development and life cycle management for a variety of women’s healthcare products including contraception, vaginal infectives, hormone replacement therapies and fertility. As a franchise leader at Searle Pharmaceuticals, where she worked from 1991-2000 she brought four innovative products to market. Her roles spanned every critical function in the commercialization of products focused on women globally. She achieved many accolades for performance and revenue growth including oversight of a franchise with $250M in sales during her tenure. At WCG, she has secured approximately $68M in committed funding from major foundations and governmental organizations to support WCG’s commercial and programmatic activities worldwide.

Ms. Pelletier is a published author and an international keynote speaker on gender equity issues and the economic return of investing in women. She is a Certified Executive Coach assisting Boards of Directors and C level executives on leadership development and optimizing organizational structure. Ms. Pelletier serves on the Board of Women Deliver as the Treasurer and is a Board Trustee of Husson University. Ms. Pelletier holds a BA in Business from Husson University and a BA in Communications from New England School of Communications.