Actress Jessica Biel and activist Saundra Pelletier have teamed up to make sure every woman knows how her body works.  No question is off-limits!

June 2016
Devex interview, WomanCare Global’s Founder on One Key Piece of Advice for Small NGOs

May 2016
Women Deliver, Saundra Pelletier and Jessica Biel interview

May 2016
Refinery29, Jessica Biel Is Just As Clueless About Pregnancy As The Rest Of Us

March 2016; How The WomanCare Global Founder Helps Women Around The World Understand Their Bodies – And Themselves

January 2016
The Doctors Television Program; The Doctors Discuss the Benefits of Sexual Education

WATCH – Contraception and Climate Change

Saundra Pelletier on Contraception & Global Sustainability

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